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Starting to fill the portfolio

When creating this site, one of my intentions with the theme selection was to be able to somehow show my photos and other graphical creations I’ve created through the years. It’s really fun to look through the archives and find those really good pictures that I’m proud of and place them into this online portfolio. Please take a look and give it a comment or two, cause I don’t think I ever got any outside feedback on those things. Feedback that hopefully could make me a better photographer or graphical designer.

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New and improved

Hi guys,

Here comes the first blog post at this very brand new blog. It is another step in creating a professional online¬†presence, after my LinkedIn profile. I guess this site will be used for sharing interesting information related to software testing and UX design, which is something that I’m very interested in and normally work with in my every day life.

Feel free to leave a comment or share some ideas or some technical news you found in the wild.

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